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Black Desert Online SEA Stories

Black Desert Online FanFiction. The Ibarra Family

The Ibarra Family is a web series of stories with no particular chronological order set in the world of Black Desert Online.

The story revolves around the Ibarra family: a family of Calpheon Nobles. Generally, it is a romanticized version regarding Grand Master Ibarra’s adventures (and misadventures) set in the eyes of his characters.

Meet the Cast

The Black Sun

It is chill-casual PvX guild based in the Philippines that primarily focuses on the PvE and Life Skill content of Black Desert Online SEA.

Expect RP elements as well because Grand Master Ibarra writes stories, take screenshots and as Grand Master, he will most of the time, involve the Guild.

Guild Rules

  1. Volunteerism – This guild encourages volunteerism, as one of the Pillar Principle of this guild, no one is forced to anything.
  2. Be respectful to one another – Don’t be that guy who only thinks of himself and disregards everyone around him.
  3. Refrain from toxicity – In line with Rule No. 2, you carry the name of this guild whatever you do and wherever you go.
  4. Encourage and compromise – Never look down on anybody, within or outside the guild.
  5. Communication – Don’t be a stranger. Interact with us either in Voice Channels or Text Channels.
  6. Have fun – In the end, this is just a game, enjoy everything that the game has to offer.
Black Desert Online FanFiction. Praise the Black Sun!

Our motto is simple: “Praise the Black Sun!

At first, it was just a running joke for the guild’s name, comparing it to Dark Souls’ “Praise the Sun!” Grand Master Ibarra is always including the phrase “Praise the Black Sun!” in all of his announcements and as an alternative for wishing someone good fortunes, it evolves to become the guild’s motto.

The Black Sun pride ourselves, not just a Casual PvX Guild, but also as a Role-Playing Guild.

Praise the Black Sun!

Black Desert Online Stories Social Media

Don’t forget to like Grand Master Ibarra’s Facebook page where he’ll post the occasional compilation of screenshots. You can also contact him directly there.

Grand Master Ibarra also have a YouTube Channel where he’ll upload the occasional videos. You can also view some of his uploaded videos of playing other games with some friends.

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How about getting the game as well? You can get the game on the Official Black Desert Online SEA website. See you in the field!