About Us

We are the Order of the Black Sun

The Black Sun is a chill-casual PvX guild based in the Philippines that primarily focuses on the PvE and Life Skill content of Black Desert Online SEA.

Expect RP elements as well because as Grand Master, Ibarra makes mini-stories/FanFiction and takes screenshots for his website and he will, most of the time, involve the Guild.


No GS and Level requirements

Discord for Communications
– Mic is optional
– English/Filipino language

Contact us on Discord

Contact us on Discordhttps://discord.gg/BrJZTuZ

Grand Master’s Note

“This guild is formed with the purpose of creating a friendly and non-pressure environment. We know that the majority of the players here are either students or working adults. With this in mind, you can either be active in contributing to the Guild or just log in for your dailies. It’s all fine. This Guild values Volunteerism as one of its Core Values and just play as you see fit. Just note that whatever you may do and wherever you may be, being part of the Guild means you carry the name of our Guild. Praise the Black Sun!”

Grand Master Ibarra

Who is the Grand Master?

Grand Master Ibarra, the de facto Guild Master of the Order of the Black Sun. Though there’s the Grand Council of the Black Sun, absolute power and the final decision, lies on the Grand Master.

In every video games he always goes by the name of “Montgomery Ibarra” or “Ibarra” for short, those close to him call him “Monty,” but who actually is Montgomery Ibarra?

Simple, he owns and manages this website. But for him, not everything is about video games.

His real name is Andrei Jarell G. Vedad – a Filipino gamer, and writer.

He writes stories and posts it on his website, the Official Black Desert SEA Forum, and Black Desert Role Players Forum.

You can also follow him on the following:

Guild Rules



A couple of ground rules

Mga patakaran

Respect is of utmost importance. While we strive to be open-minded, we want to make sure that the experience while playing and the time you spend and invest in the guild will be as enjoyable as possible. Any behavior that is deemed disrespectful will not be tolerated.

Pinakamahalaga ang respeto. Habang sinisikap nating maging open-minded, nais nating tiyakin ang karanasan habang naglalaro at oras na ininvest sa guild na to ay nakakasaya hangga’t maaari.

1. Don’t use any type of offensive, discriminating, or childish behavior anywhere in the game. While good-natured teasing or joking around from time to time is alright, it is not alright to harass anyone for any reason. This includes racism, sexism, namecalling, badmothing, and any other discriminatory language to others. If you think you have crossed the line or may have offended someone, apologize right away.

Huwag kang gagamit ng kahit anong nakakasakit, diskriminasyon, or pag-uugaling bata kahit saan sa laro na to. Ang pagbibiro ay pwede lang, pero hindi pwede kapag hinaharass mo na ng kahit anong rason. Kasama na dito ang racism, sexism, name-calling, bad-mouthing, at ano mang mga pagdidiskriminasyon sa iba. Kung sa palagay mo ay sumobra ka na o na-offend mo na ang iba, humingi ka kaagad ng paumanhin.

2. Don’t be an elitist, and do not shame anyone in public. Do not call out others in guild chat or voice chat for low performance or missed mechanics. Instead, advise them with helpful information privately. You can also message a @Marshal to help you with your concern.

Huwag ka maging elitista, at huwag mong ipahiya ang sino man sa publiko. Huwag ipakalat sa guild chat or voice chat ang sino man dahil hindi sila marunong. Sa halip, payuhan sila ng mga nakakatulong na impormasyo. Maaari ka ring imensahe ang mga @Marshal para matulungan ka sa inyong mga alalahanin.

3. If you have been offended by someone, or you have an issue with someone’s behavior, please bring it up privately with a @Marshal. Never be afraid to raise an issue if you feel the need for it.

Kung naoffend ka ng isang tao o mayroon kang isyu sa pag-uugali ng iba, mangyaring dalhin ito ng pribado sa isang @Marshal. Huwag kang matakot na magtaas ng isyu kung sa palagay mo ay kailangan ito.

4.Refrain from unnecessary drama both within and outside guild, we are here to have fun and try to have the best gaming experience we possibly can.

Umiwas sa hindi kinakailangang mga drama sa loob at sa labas ng guild, narito tayo upang magkasiyahan at magkaroon ng pinakamagandang gaming experience.

5.You represent this guild, whatever you do and wherever you go reflects this guild. Follow the rules mentioned at all times.

Nirerepresenta mo ang guild na to,kung ano man lang ang ginagawa mo or kung saan ka man pumunta ay narereflect sa guild na to. Sundin mo ang mga patakaran na nabanggit kahit anong oras.

6. Post appropriately. Our text-channels are categorized accordingly, so ensure that your concern/topic is posted in its proper forum.

Mag-post nang naaangkop. Ang ating mga text-channels ay naka-kategorya, tiyakin na ang iyong mga concern/topic ay nakalagay sa tamang lugar.

7.NSFW stays in NSFW channel. Ask a @Deacon to give you an NSFW role to access the NSFW channel.

Manatiling nasa NSFW channel ang mga NSFW na topic. Kausapin ang mga @Deacon upag bigyan kayo ng NSFW role upang ma-access ang NSFW channel.

8. All members MUST also be registered in our Discord server. We expect you to converse with us and let us know what’s up. We don’t require you to get a mic and talk. We have text channels for chatting.

Lahat ng myembro ay DAPAT rin nakarehistro sa ating Discord server. Inaasahan naming makipag-usap ka sa amin at ipaalam sa amin kung kumusta ka. Hindi namin kayo na mayroong mic at magsalita, mayroon tayong mga text-channel para sa pakikipag-usap.

9.One month of not logging in in-game without prior notice or reason will be removed.

Isang buwan ng hindi pag-log in sa laro na walang abiso o dahilan ay tatanggalin.

10.Multiple accounts and account sharing are strictly not allowed.

Striktong pinagbabawal ang pamamay-ari ng maraming account at hiraman ng account

If anyone is caught breaching these rules… If an officer is not around to witness firsthand, take screenshots of the event if possible Contact an officer either in game or offline via Discord. Parties involved will be warned if verified to have violated the rules. By 3rd warning, violator will be removed from the guild.

Kung may nahuli sa paglabag sa mga patakaran na ito… Kung walang Officer para masaksi mismo ang pangyayari, manguha ng mga screenshot ng kaganapan kung maaari. Makipag-ugnay sa isang Officer sa in-game o kung offline ay sa pamamagitan ng Discord. May babala sa mga partidong napatunayan na nilabag ang mga patakaran. Kapag umabot ng ika-tatlo na babala, aalisin kayo sa guild.

Rules are subject to change.

Ang mga patakaran na ito ay napapailalim sa pagbabago

Praise the Black Sun!

Praise the Black Sun

Our motto is simple: “Praise the Black Sun!

At first, it was just a running joke by Grand Master Ibarra for the guild’s name, comparing it to Dark Souls’ “Praise the Sun!” Grand Master Ibarra always including the phrase “Praise the Black Sun!” in all of his announcements and as an alternative for wishing someone good fortunes, it evolves to become the guild’s motto.

As stated earlier, Grand Master Ibarra makes mini-stories/FanFiction for his website, and that would mean role-playing. We pride ourselves, not just a Casual PvX Guild, but also as a Role-Playing Guild.

Praise the Black Sun!