Author: <span class="vcard">Montgomery Ibarra</span>

Kzarka Shrine Incident

Florentino Ibarra is kidnapped and he finds himself at what looks like a dungeon or an underground shrine filled with Kzarka Cultists….

Uprising Investigation

Florentino Ibarra is sent to investigate involving a certain group of cultists that are thought to be involved in the recent uprising at the slums….

New Shai Awakening

The new Shai Awakening is now here in the Live Server and it looks better than ever. This Shai Awakening is called the Shai Talent!…

A Gargoyle Problem

Along the road of Kamasylvia Vicinity, Florentino Ibarra is assigned to escort some merchants that are on their way to Grana, then the Gargoyles attacked….

BDO SEA Discord Bot

The Order of the Black Sun’s BDO SEA Discord Bot is now being shared to anyone interested. Provided is a simple Boss Timer, LFG Function, and many more!…