Author: <span class="vcard">Montgomery Ibarra</span>

Disturbing the Peace

Florentino Ibarra just returned from a recent adventure and is wandering by the Workshop District when some workers are… not too friendly with each other….

Old Wounds

Florentino went head to head with the Grand Chamberlain Jordine Ducas and Lord Crucio Domongatt to discuss the current situation of Heidel….

A Helping Hand

In line with the Black Desert Supporter event by Pearl Abyss for Black Desert Online SEA, here is a story featuring some Black Desert Supporters….

Kzarka Shrine Incident

Florentino Ibarra is kidnapped and he finds himself at what looks like a dungeon or an underground shrine filled with Kzarka Cultists….

Uprising Investigation

Florentino Ibarra is sent to investigate involving a certain group of cultists that are thought to be involved in the recent uprising at the slums….