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BDO SEA Discord Bot!

Greetings, I am Grand Master Ibarra and I’d like to present the Order of the Black Sun’s BDO SEA Discord Bot now made public for anyone interested to use!

This is the bot used by the Order of the Black Sun, a guild in Black Desert Online SEA and a pet project of Grand Master Ibarra.

I’d like you to meet Herald, your friendly neighborhood discord bot.

After you’ve invited Herald to your Discord Server, type h!help for information.


Before everything else, you must do the following:

  1. Create the following roles: @Announcer role and @LFG role (needs to be mentionable).
  2. Then create the following text channels:
    An #announcement-board and #announcement-board-test text channel.
    (make sure only those with the @Announcer role can view the #announcement-board-test).
    (The #announcement-board is where the message from the $announce function will go).
    (The #announcement-board-test is where the message from the $announce-test function will go).
  3. Create a #boss-channel text channel.
    (The #boss-channel is where the message from the $boss-timer function will go).
  4. Create a #looking-for-group text channel.
    (The #looking-for-group text channel is where the message from the $lfg function will go).

BDO SEA Discord Bot Features

World Boss Timer Function

Provided here is a simple World Boss Timer for Black Desert Online SEA server. NOTE: BOSS TIMER IS ONLY APPLICABLE FOR THE SEA SERVER!

h!boss-timer – to show the schedule of today’s world bosses.

h!boss-timer – to show the world boss schedule of specific day
(example: h!boss-timer Monday).

h!boss-timer all – to show the complete schedule of World Bosses.

Announcement Function

We have an Announcement function for your guild’s “announcer.” From the Guild Master, Officers, to those who you deem are eligible to make an announcement.

NOTE: Those who can manage roles must add the @Announcer role to those chosen as “announcers.”

NOTE: Only those with the @Announcer role are allowed to use the Announcement function.

h!announce |SUBJECT|MESSAGE – this is the format of the announcement. The message will be sent to the #announcement-board.

NOTE: This will mention @everyone in your Discord Server.
(example: h!announce |GUILD QUEST!|Valencia – 2, Basilisks 5k kills needed, HELP!)

h!announce-test |SUBJECT|MESSAGE – this is the format for the test announcement. The message will be sent to the #announcement-board-test.

NOTE: This will NOT mention @everyone in your Discord Server.
(example: h!announce |MESSAGE TEST|LOREM IPSUM YADA YADA!)

Looking-for-Group Function

We also have a Looking-for-Group function where you can ask your guildmates if they want to join a party.

h!lfg |SUBJECT|DATE|DESCRIPTION(Optional) – here you can request an LFG where the message will be sent to the #looking-for-group text channel
(example: h!lfg |Pila Fe x10|This Saturday|I need the memory fragments, fam)

NOTE: The DESCRIPTION is optional, if left blank, the description will only state “Undefined”)

h!lfg-sub yes/no – This function is used to get the @LFG role so that everyone with the @LFG role will be mention when there’s a new LFG message.

The Future of Herald – the BDO SEA Discord Bot

BDO SEA Discord Bot Herald

This bot will also be on constant updates and it will be implemented after we’ve finished some testing using our prototype bot on our test server. After that, we’ll implement it on the live bot.

Future updates including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Improving the display of the h!boss-timer function. Making it more presentable for both desktop and mobile view.
  2. Making improvements for the h!lfg function.
  3. And many more!

You can download Herald here or the picture above.

Like the Bot?

Do you like Herald? Want to show your support? How about consider donating via BMC or Patreon!

It’ll help us greatly to maintain the servers for the Discord Bot.

Consider upvoting Herald as well.

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