Category: Mini-Stories

Uprising Investigation

Florentino Ibarra is sent to investigate involving a certain group of cultists that are thought to be involved in the recent uprising at the slums….

A Gargoyle Problem

Along the road of Kamasylvia Vicinity, Florentino Ibarra is assigned to escort some merchants that are on their way to Grana, then the Gargoyles attacked….

A Common Bond

Some of Florentino Ibarra’s time with Orwen, a Half-Elf and half-Human, like him. From a misunderstanding to being romantically involved with one another….

A Dim Tree Spirit Roaming

Florentino Ibarra is sent by the Kalis Parliament in order to investigate a Dim Tree Spirit signing at North Kaia Mountaintop’s vicinity….

Cox Pirate Question II

Florentino arrives at Lema Island to help the Trina Marine Knights with the situation regarding the Cox Pirates that are threatening Calpheon Waters….