Category: Florentino Ibarra

The Great Desert of Valencia

Florentino Ibarra arrives at Sand Grain Bazaar, the final stop to the Great Desert of Valencia. Here he asked for directions to Valencia City….

The Wise Woman

Florentino Ibarra is tasked by his Crisostomo Ibarra to find the Wise Woman that would help him to clarify Jacinto Ibarra’s suspicion about an uprising….

A Few Drinks

Florentino Ibarra had a rough day and now went to the Valley Lily Inn to order a few drinks with some friends to drown the sorrows away….

Disturbing the Peace

Florentino Ibarra just returned from a recent adventure and is wandering by the Workshop District when some workers are… not too friendly with each other….

Old Wounds

Florentino went head to head with the Grand Chamberlain Jordine Ducas and Lord Crucio Domongatt to discuss the current situation of Heidel….