Feliciana Ibarra Collection Volume 1

Greetings, everyone, I am Montgomery Ibarra and here are some screenshots of Feliciana Ibarra as she leaves Calpheon.

Feliciana just got back from studying overseas and now she wants to explore everything there is.

Feliciana is a gorgeous woman from the Orient. Certainly, she is envied by every woman.

Therefore, I think this will be of your liking.

It is my very good honor to present to you, Feliciana Ibarra.

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Author’s Note:

Greetings, I am Montgomery Ibarra and thank you for reading this story I wrote as a hobby. I love writing and I love playing Black Desert Online.

I live stream Black Desert Online on Twitch. My schedule is MWF 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (UTC+8).

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