Kamasylvia Getaway of Florentino Ibarra

Greetings, everyone, I am Montgomery Ibarra and here are some screenshots of Florentino Ibarra’s travel to Kamasylvia.

Florentino is something of a womanizer as he is always trying to find ways to woo a woman.

In all of his travels, he always has is eyes on women above all else.

From an incident at a checkpoint, at Atanis Pond, at Old Wisdom Tree, at Grana, and during his rendezvous with a certain woman.

Therefore, I think this will be of your liking.

It is my very good honor to present to you, Florentino Ibarra.

You can find stories revolving around Florentino here.

I’d like for you to please click on the picture below to redirect you to the album:

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