Shai-chans and Tamer-onee-chan before summoning the Guild Boss Scrolls

Guild Boss Scrolls Feat. Shai

Guild Boss Scroll Summoning

On the 30th of June 2019, the Black Sun conducts their weekly guild boss scrolls summoning with a little twist, using the Shai.

Bear in mind that the new class, the Shai, is not optimized for combat and that their skills don’t do a lot of damage.

With this in mind, the members of the Black Sun sees this as an opportunity to test it out.

The members taking part in the summoning are (Family Name):

  • Gorgo
  • Konigsberg
  • Tarovski
  • Ibarra


In Preparation

It was planned last week that the guild would take screenshots of everyone with their Shai class. It did not occur to them that they’ll be using the new class for the Guild Boss Scrolls summoning.

Before the start of the Guild Boss Scrolls summoning, the members of the Black Sun have the moment to take screenshots

The Shai Triplets

Tarovski and Konigsberg went AFK for a while to deal with something on their end. During that time, Gorgo and Ibarra take the opportunity to take screenshots with their AFK members.

Shai-chan with Tamer-onee-chan. From the left (Family Name): Ibarra, Tarovski.

Guild Boss Scroll Summoning Starts

Guild Boss Scrolls Starts

The Summoning finally starts when Konigsberg and Tarovski returned after going AFK for a couple of minutes.

As stated earlier, the Shai is not optimized for combat and that their skills don’t do a lot of damage. As a result, the participating members struggled with sustaining large amounts of damage against the Ferrid.

What the Shai lacks on damage, it makes it up with its OP Healing. By using the “Cheer Up!” skill, there’s an HP recovery by +200 every 5 seconds for 1 minute. Follow it up with the “Get Well” skill, there’s an HP recovery by +700 per tick(s) over 3 ticks for self and allies. And that’s coming from one Shai. What if there’s a lot of players using the Shai? While the heavy hitters are defending the Shai, there’s a possibility that they could make an invincible wall.

The Struggle Continues

The Struggle Continues.

Back to the Guild Boss Scrolls Summoning. It’s true that we’re able to survive the onslaught while there are four Ferrids summoned at a time, but it takes a long time to kill. As time went by, hit after hit, everyone’s gear durability quickly runs out. One after another, they started bringing out their tents to repair their gears.

Still, after 40 minutes, we’ve finally killed all the Ferrids.

Author’s Note:

On the 8th of June 2019, Pearl Abyss announced of a new class, the Shai, and it’s already playable on the Global Lab.

By 19th of June 2019, Pearl Abyss released the 18th class, Shai, on the Live Server for pre-customization.

26th of June 2019, the Shai class is now playable on the Live Server.

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