The Order of the Black Sun with the Grand Master Praising the Logo of the Black Sun

Guild Hierarchy

Guild Master Role

  • Grand Master – De facto Guild Master title held by Ibarra and in-game only hold the Guild Officer Emblem.
  • Grand Marshal – De jure Guild Master title held by Imperialis and in-game hold the Guild Master Emblem as a Ceremonial Role.

Second-in-Command Role

  • Grand Steward – Second-in-command title held by Glyndwr.

Officer Roles

  • Lord Marshal – Part of the Grand Council of the Black Sun with the Guild Officer Emblem. They have almost equal standing with the Grand Master in terms of the decision makings. They play the role of the checks and balances in the guild to avoid the abuse of power.
  • Marshal – Black Sun Officers, making them have the Guild Officer Emblem. They assist the Grand Council in the execution of the Grand Council’s decisions.

Member Roles

  • Member – Official Black Sun members.
  • Honorary – Honorary members of the Black Sun. They are not part of the guild officially but they have proven themselves as a close ally for the guild.

Other Roles

  • Deacon – Discord Server Moderators
  • Visitor – Non-Black Sun members
  • Servant – Discord Bots