Florentino Ibarra by Velia

Meet Florentino Ibarra

Meet Florentino Ibarra

Meet Florentino Ibarra, a Half-Human and Half-Elf, and like every one of the Ibarra Family, a Calpheon Noble.

As a Half-Human and Half-Elf, he has little understanding of his Elven heritage.

That is because he spends his entire life in Human Civilisation during his youth.

He’s a bit of a jester but knows when to be serious.

As a child, he always spends his time playing by the fields at Northern Wheat Plantation and by the shores of Port Epheria.

During his teen years he learned a skill with words and a soft voice, a “politician’s tongue,” some would say. A skill that he would use in the future.

Florentino is something of a womanizer as he is always trying to find ways to woo a woman.

In all of his travels, he always has is eyes on women above all else.

An incident at Calpheon’s borders connecting Kamasylvia gave him an opportunity to acquire special gauntlets used by the Luthraghon Elves as weapons.

The right gauntlet is the Ra’ghon, with concentration, it can create a blade of light. The left gauntlet is a modified gauntlet to have a built-in crossbow.

Florentino Ibarra, Crossbow Ready.

Years went by and Florentino has been training with the crossbow and Ra’ghon that he acquired.

As a Calpheon Noble by birth, he holds some privilege in the court.

Now, the Calpheon Noble turned adventurer wants to set out on a journey to explore the world around him.

He is tasked by his cousin, Crisostomo Ibarra, to aid the Kalis Council as a special envoy of the Family.

Author’s Note:

Yeah, sorry for the late introduction of Florentino Ibarra.

Greetings, I am Montgomery Ibarra and welcome to this mini-series I’m working on as a hobby. I love writing and I love playing Black Desert Online.

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