New Shai Awakening-Talent

New Shai Awakening

New Shai Awakening

On the 31st of July 2019, the Shai Talent is now at the Live Server, this Shai Talent is the new Shai Awakening. Shai discovers her Talent!

Last time, the Awakening Weapon for the Shai is three separate instruments: 트링-Tling (Lute/Guitar), 튜튜-Tutu(Flute), and 토콩-Tokong(Drum/Bongo set). Now it is fused to one instrument: the Sol.

Shai Awakening Weapon – Talent

New Shai Awakening-Talent Weapon-Instrument

They’ve renamed the Awakening Weapon to the Sol, the Shai’s Instrument used as an Awakening Weapon.

The start of the Talent Quest is “[Shai Talent] The First Light, Shai,” it is unlocked after reaching Level 56.

There are two types:

  • Canon Sol – this is the initial instrument available while doing the Shai Talent Quest. The Canon Sol is not enhanceable.
  • Artina Sol – this is the instrument that will be available after doing the Shai Talent Quest. Unlike the Canon Sol, this one is enhanceable. Enhancing the Artina Sol can increase the effects of the skills.

Please do note that She can’t open any Awakening Weapon Boxes or the Dandelion Box because she doesn’t “Awaken,” instead she “discovers her talent.”

With that said, when enhancing the Artina Sol, in order to recover its durability, you have to use the Memory Fragments.

For now, there’s no information on where to get more of the Artina Sol or whether there will be a “boss gear equivalent” of the Sol.

Shai Talent Skill Tree

New Shai Awakening Skill Tree

Instead of an Awakening weapon, the Shai has “Sol”, depending on the skill used, it changes to three different forms: a lute ‘Tring’, a flute ‘Tute’, and djembe(drum) ‘Tamtam’.

Shai Awakening-Talent Skill Showcase

Listed here are the instruments the Sol will change depending on the skill used:

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