Shai Awakening Weapons Instruments Lute/Guitar, Flute, and a Drum Set

Shai Awakening

Shai Awakening

Last time, Pearl Abyss announces the new Shai class and it is now playable, but this time, there’s the upcoming Shai Awakening!

(Note: Shai is already at the Live Server, you can read about it here. )

Yesterday, 12th of July 2019, Pearl Abyss announces that the Shai Awakening is now available at the Global Lab.

Now, Pearl Abyss states that the Shai will not have an awakening, instead they’ll have what they called “talents.”

Instead of awakening weapons, the Shai uses musical instruments

There are three available instruments: 트링-Tling (Lute/Guitar), 튜튜-Tutu(Flute), and 토콩-Tokong(Drum/Bongo set).

What’s special about these musical instruments is that they would trigger different effects depending on what musical instrument is equipped. They have their own unique rhythm and performance. This affects the skill they used to increase the effectiveness, depending on what musical instrument is equipped.

With this in mind, Shai can’t open awaken weapon boxes and the exchange coupon will not work.

Shai Awakening Quest

The quest itself are all in Korean which will be quite challenging if you don’t understand the language like me. To help in finding the quest, open the quest window by pressing “O” and find the quest that starts with “[Level 56]” or something similar.

You know that you’ve activated the right quest when you’re on your way to Florin and it leads you to Valentine.

Shai Awakening Flute - Tutu

In the quest line, you’ll first be getting the blue grade musical instruments.

You’ll be getting the 튜튜-Tutu(Flute) first.

Shai Awakening Drum/Bongo set - Tokong

The second musical instrument you’ll be getting is the 토콩-Tokong(Drum/Bongo set).

Shai Awakening Lute/Guitar - Tling

Lastly, you’ll be getting the 트링-Tling (Lute/Guitar).

After you’ve collected all the blue grade musical instruments, you can now get the yellow grade musical instruments. Note that you can only enhance the yellow grade musical instruments.

Global Lab

Black Desert Global Lab is the open test server of the game. That is where Pearl Abyss first implements their patches before applying them to the live server.

Please note that the majority of the texts there are in Korean.

It is available for download here.

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