State of the Guild - Black Sun

State of the Guild – 1

State of the Guild

Welcome to the first State of the Guild. Every few months, we’ll create a summary of what has happened to the guild, addressing current problems and present a solution.

Greetings, I am Ibarra, the Grand Master of the Order of the Black Sun.

The Black Sun was founded on the 16th of March 2019, during that time it was a two-man guild consisting of only Imperialis and Glyndwr; the Grand Marshal and Grand Steward respectively. In time, Kagihime, Gorgo, Phantek, Toyotamahime, and Jarmoire joined as well. And by the 7th of April 2019, I along with Cenwyn joined the guild. And I took the mantle of Grand Master.

After that, we slowly started building up and expanding the guild as it is now.

How it Started

We are close friends but are members of different guilds. Slowly, we all started leaving our respective guilds to join the Black Sun.

There was a time where I wanted to have a guild of my own and I asked Imperialis, who is new to the game and isn’t a member of any guild, to register the Black Sun as an official guild.

He and Glyndwr laid the groundwork but no actual work was started yet. It is just a two-man guild. You can’t activate any Guild Quests in that state.

By the 7th of April 2019, I along with Cenwyn joined the guild. I just got back to the game after months of focusing in real life. Cenwyn, however, is new to the game.

Grand Master’s Origin

I was one of the founding members of Heretics Guild (now Peenoise Guild), which formed from XIIl Guild (former BisdakGaming Guild) in which I was also a member. There, I slowly developed my PvP skills for I was only focusing on the PvP content of the game. It was a necessity because we transitioned from a casual guild to a competitive guild.

Sadly, I have to leave to address issues in real life.

SaieTama, the Guild Master of the newly formed Heretics, asked me if it was alright to remove me from Heretics because they require active slots for Node and Conquest Wars, in which I agreed. He was kind enough to tell me that I am always welcome to come back if I ever choose to.

Months went by and I’ve finally got back to the game. Now guildless, out-geared, and with an unstable schedule, I joined Anonymous Guild. I’ve been enjoying the game again. Going back to war and all that. But after a few weeks, I’ve grown tired of the constant wars.

And then it clicked me, I want to have a guild of my own, a guild for casual players and those who want to enjoy the game other than the constant PvP.

Fallensanity, the Guild Master of Anonymous, is kind enough to allow me to leave and continue with my plans. He even offered his support.

Origin of the Name

The name of the guild “Black Sun” was based on the Black Sun, a secret organization in a book I’m writing.

Now, why “Black Sun?”

Honestly, for my book, I envisioned a secret organization that is closely tied to the Imperial Family. Since the sun symbolizes strength, the divine, and in turn royalty; the Black Sun symbolizes royalty in the shadows.

The State of the Guild

This is the very first State of the Guild after roughly four months, the reason for this is because there are not many significant achievements in the early stages… until now.

The Member Counts

From what was once a two-man guild and it formed to a guild for close friends, now, after the notion of expansion and to be open for the public, we are now a Medium Guild with 37 members and still counting!

Of course, the number of active members is low but it is a given fact. This guild is created to cater to casual players. It is a given fact that the majority of the players are working adults, have a family of their own, and students. They don’t have the time to devote themselves to the game. And video games are just a luxury and a way to relax after a day of hard work. Except, of course, if the people are part of eSports and other competitive games where they play like professionals.

That’s why it is of great joy to also see other people with the same mindset, with the same idea in mind, and that our doors are always open for people who want a change in pace from the fast lane of gear/skill progression focus. Granted that they’ll abide by the rules of the guild and to be civilized.

A Lively Place

From what was once a barren guild chat and Discord Server, it is now beaming with life and chatter.

Even the founding members, I included, don’t even enter the voice channels and or interact at the text channels. We have our own Discord Server for just us close friends.

But after the notion of expansion and people started joining, we’ve changed, we are now also interacting in the Black Sun’s Discord Server, interacting with the members and so on. It is now a lively and fun place.

Guild House and Guild Galley

It has come to the attention that many of the members want to experience Vell every Sunday but the available Epheria ships within the guild are limited and or hard to do for people with limited time as stated earlier.

The Grand Council of the Black Sun now filed a motion to start the creation of a Guild Galley and now ask the members to aid us in this endeavour. It’ll be a great benefit for the Guild to have a Guild Galley of our own, especially for the Sea Monster Hunting aspect of the game.

In order to build the Guild Galley, we also need to have a Guild House. After we’ve acquired the necessary materials, we’ll begin acquiring the Guild House immediately. Granted that we’ll have the necessary Guild Funds.

Guild Quest

Yes, Guild Quests, it is one of the necessary tasks to improve the guild. This is where we get our Guild Funds for the daily wages. Now, I know that I’ve mentioned earlier that we’re a casual guild and that I’ve also said that my fellow guildmates can either be active in contributing to the Guild or just log in for their dailies, it’s all fine. And I’ll stay true to what I’ve said for my word is my bond.

With this in mind, I ask my fellow guildmates and if you are willing, volunteer a portion of your time for the game in the Guild Quests. It’ll be a huge help in improving our guild, not just for our wallets but also for the Guild Skills and materials for the Guild Galley and funds for a Guild House, as stated above.

The Long Road Ahead

Fellow guildmates, we’ve travelled a long and arduous road, we’ve come this far and I know that we can still improve as a guild. I know that we can still aim higher!

But of course, let’s not forget this: it is just a game, there is no rush. As the saying goes, “it’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

Yes, great things take years to build. Marathons are hard, really, really hard. Roadblocks are inevitable and recovery is just as important. Nothing is easy in life and in the game.

But I know this, whatever it takes, we will persevere!

Praise the Black Sun!

Author’s Note:

Greetings, I am Montgomery Ibarra and thank you for reading this story I wrote as a hobby. I love writing and I love playing Black Desert Online.

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